I’m at the iDEA Hub for the Nokia X Portathon. Things are coming to quite a slow start, there’s a dozen Nokia Xs on display so I figured I’d play with one.

My first impression is that the Nokia X is a wonderfully built device. I wouldn’t expect any less from Nokia anyway. You will not find any sub 20k phone better looking than the Nokia X. You have to see it to believe it

On to the UI and it’s striking resemblance with the Asha 503 interface is all up in your face; the contextual menus, the notification centre, the browser, fastlane… everything. In fact, the only common thing it shares with Lumia is the metro-inspired home menu. Other than that, it’s all Asha. I’m starting to think of the Nokia X more as an Asha on steroids, than a Lumia.

Remember how I said multitasking is different on the Nokia X? It’s even better than I imagined. Right now I have the Nokia browser, Opera Mini, Fruit Ninja and Real Football running simultaneously and I’m switching between apps without having to reload. And there’s no noticeable lag, impressive. Of course these are just my first impressions. I’ll come time better conclusions after I spend more time with the device.

Hat tip to Wale for the photography

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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