It’s fun to study the differences between iPhone and Android phones. What is even more fun is to study the difference between iPhone and Android users.

For instance, BlueStacks, 3 years ago,  released a portrait of what an Android user would stereotypically look like.


Seeing as understanding the demographic is a key part of understanding what advertising methods to use, this year, Battery Ventures decided to carry out its own study.

The study shows that:

  • More iPhone users do in fact prefer wine to beer.
  • iPhone users are more likely to own stock and to have flown on a plane while Android users would mostly rely on public transportation.
  • Android users would more likely describe themselves as religious,
  • Android users would more likely have eaten McDonalds/or burgers in the past month and smoked than iPhone users.

But, Android and iPhone users are similarly likely to be homeowners or to own a gun.

So maybe airline or car companies trying to choose where to spend their mobile ad budget, have a clearer line of sight.

The research was carried out by Jonathan Sills, Battery Venture’s entrepreneur-in-residence.


Photocredit: WallPapersShop

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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