Apple on Wednesday confirmed its plans to buy Beats , acquiring a popular headphones business and subscription streaming music service.

  • Apple is buying Beats for $3 billion not $3.2 billion as earlier announced. Like there’s a difference.
  • Apple is most likely buying Beats for the talent, hardware[amazing, premium headphones] and the Beats Music subscription service [music subscription service done right].
  • Beats might be the new iPod. Beats headphones are the iconic representation for music for this decade the same way the iPod represented music a decade ago.
  • Beats co-founders, Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine will be joining Apple after the acquisition as part of the management team
  • Apple/Beats acquisition isn’t about Apple’s existing customer base, but for the next-generation of would-be Apple customers.
  • Apple plans on keeping the Beats brand name alive, but we might have co-branded Apple headphones and portable speakers in the not-too-distant future.
  • The Apple-Beats deal might also be about video streaming, to launch Apple’s content business [the long-awaited iTV?].
  • The Beats go on at HP until 2015, so if you’re looking to buy an HP machine with integrated Beats Audio, you have a year and a half before the companies dissolve their partnership.

Steve Wozniak thinks the acquisition could be a smart move for Apple. Do you?

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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