Kenya-based gaming and entertainment company, Black Division Games has released its first title, Nairobi-X.

The release of Nairobi X is coming a little over a year after the developers released a trailer video in May, 2014.

Nairobi X is a futuristic 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) based on an alien invasion of Nairobi. The player’s task is to defend Nairobi in the face of the invasion. The game is currently only accessible on the Android OS.

The game initially required a subscription through the 21797 short code with each subscription costing KES 30 (31 cents) and the PC version KES 100 ($1).

However, shortly after its release, Black Division announced via its Facebook page that the game had been released on the Play Store for free download.

“Due to the high subscription rate from our servers causing inconsistencies on the delivery of the mobile game APK. We have decided to issue the mobile game for FREE on Google Playstore. Early paid subscribers we’ll receive a special gift from us in the course of the week. We look forward to your rate comments on Playstore,” the announcement reads.

You can download the game on playstore.

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