Ghana listened and the country has announced a new analog switch-off deadline after it missed the June 17, ITU-set, deadline. And in South Africa, Telkom is beating its data pricing to death. Here are the stories that made the rounds across Africa today.

Ghana announces a new switch-off date

The Ghanaian government has announced a new deadline for digital switch-over, after it missed the global deadline last week, along with pretty much every other African country aside Kenya.

iROKOtv will enable Lebara Play’s Nollywood library

iROKOtv is providing Nollywood titles for the the OTT box, mobile and internet offerings of the London-based ethnic-focused Internet TV, Lebara Play.

Die pricing die: Telkom takes knife to its data pricing

South Africa’s Telkom is about to reduce its tariff plan on internet bundles. It will also extend the same pricing options to customers on its roaming partners.

This was someone’s childhood dream Job

Rocket’s hotel booking network, Jovago is offering to pay regular people to watch TVs and listen to radio all day. Only they have to watch out for its ad spots while at it.

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These 4 startups pitched over the weekend at iDea’s first Demo Day

It’s the first time the startups are getting a close-up look from VCs, Angels and the media, after four months at the hub’s accelerator program.

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You can order any kind of food on this app

Hojah brings brings an hyperlocal vibe to grocery shopping online. The proposition lies in the app interfacing between street and corner stores where users can make purchases from their phones.

How about all the discounts in one place?

Nigerian startup, Kosavadeals, is a listing for coupons and discounts that are redeemable in Lagos stores.

The hustle is still very much offline, even for google

In this interview, googler, Emeka Afigbo, tells how his project is taking google online developer content to developers who can’t access the internet.

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Chase Bank launches SME Biz Hubs in Nairobi, Mombasa

Kenya’s Chase Bank has announced it has launched SME Biz Hubs in Nairobi and Mombasa, providing a physical setting for entrepreneurs to meet and obtain access to advisory services.

Airtel stops tower deal with Helios

Airtel has disclosed it is no longer going ahead with the proposed sale of its telecoms towers in Chad and Tanzania to Helios Towers as earlier announced.

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