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A Bitcoin Academy has been launched to teach organisations and individuals about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology in Cape Town, South Africa.

Founded by Sonya Kuhnel, according to a report by Independent Online, Bitcoin Academy, at the moment, offers three courses for different users from beginners to developers who want to design their products around the block chain.

“The level of understanding of bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, proved to be a real challenge and I realised I would have to first educate the marketplace before there would be any significant uptake of the digital currency and the cutting-edge technology behind it,” said Sonya Kuhnel, founder Bitcoin Academy.

Sonya is also the founder of Cryptor Trust, a bitcoin payment company and Bitcoin events, a website for locating bitcoin events, meetups and conferences across the world. She held her first Bitcoin Africa conference in Cape Town in 2015.

Image: Geralt

Olumuyiwa Coker | Author

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