Unicorns have been much talked about in business circles. But what about in Africa? Are there any unicorns here? Also, the myth of the lone wolf entrepreneur has been debunked. These, and more, were featured on Tech Cabal today.


The Why, When And How Of Increasing Service Prices In Your Business

We all hate price bumps. But sometimes it’s inevitable. Here’s how to do it without losing your customers.

What It Means To Be A Unicorn In Africa

Of course, we could always agree on a special, reduced valuation for African unicorns. We could even go farther and call them Hippos (those are African and getting rare these days as well).

Creators And Entrepreneurs Are Not Lone Wolves, So Why Are You?

The myth of the lone creator. Or the “self made man”. Or the genius who revolutionised (insert industry). All not true. Thomas Edison had help. And Steve Jobs. Really.

How Mobile Is Influencing Second Screen Entertainment In Africa

African reality TV programming has been at the forefront of using second screen technology to engage their audience which has influenced content delivery, monetisation and value propositions for these programs.

This Is Not An Apple Advert

I’m a proud acolyte of the cult of the bitten fruit. One of the most amusing parts of my day is listening to Android/Windows fanboys go on and on about how overpriced Apple devices are.

5 Of Our Favourite YouTube Channels In Africa

Gone are the times where one needed a Rolodex of government certifications to start a TV station. Now, all it takes is a YouTube channel to broadcast to the world.

Apps And The Future Of Automobiles

Just as apps changed the way we use mobile phones, ushering in the era of smartphones, they are also influencing the automobile industry.

TastyIgniter: An Open Source Platform To Manage A Restaurant

TastyIgniter is an open source restaurant ordering and management system. It is also a platform where customers can place orders online and make table reservations at restaurants that have integrated the software on their website.

Tech News

Mxit is Shutting Down

South African social network, Mxit, announced today that it is shutting down commercial operations. It is also donating all of its intellectual property and technology assets to independent public benefit organisation ‘The Reach Trust’.

Rocket Internet’s Kaymu Shuts Down Operations in Zambia

Rocket Internet also closed down Kaymu Zambia due for macroeconomic reasons.

Yet another shut down.

Celsys, Zimbabwean Tech and Printing Company, Shuts Down

Celsys shut down because the company had “serious viability challenges.”

Naspers acquires majority stake in Russian online classifieds group Avito in $1.2 billion transaction

Naspers, the South African internet and media company, today became the largest shareholder in Avito.

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