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1. Catch up on what you missed. Because you probably started partying early, here’s last Friday’s digest. Link

2. A fascinating visualisation of how the number of extremely poor people around the world has changed since 1990. African countries are in the yellow section. A lot of countries are shrinking, but Nigeria’s number is positively ballooning 🙁 Link

3. Day 91 – There’s still no internet in Anglophone Cameroon. #BringBackOurInternet

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These are interesting…

+ Of course brands were falling over themselves to send out Easter wishes. Of course, most of them were tacky. But this one from Verve actually clicked.

+ Mark Essien, the eternal iconoclast, wants to know if Yaba will still be Nigeria’s tech cluster, seeing as a bunch of high-profile startups have come and gone from the area. Interesting angle, not least because as far as I know, his company has signed a five-year lease on their office space.

+ Love it (I did) or hate it, the most commercially successful Nollywood production of 2016, The Wedding Party, is now available to watch on Netflix. Aunty Mo keeps bringing it.

+ When you consider that 98.5 percent of people that live in Japan are Japanese, this reaction is definitely not exaggerated — check out what happens when two black people run into each other in Japan.

+ If you happen to run into Kelechi Declan James though, just tell him that the FBI is looking for him for sending $5 million worth of scam emails.

+ Are you a tech and venture capital enthusiast in Nigeria interested in a remote part-time social media management role for Twitter. Please fill out this form (I’m told you’ll be paid in $$).

+ I’m a Yoruba boy, and I endorse this Yoruba boy smiley.

Very, very important studies have shown that Nigerians are not fans of public displays of affection. The data comes from a random sample of young Nigerians who might have been cajoled into responding with promises of donuts and fizzy drinks in the studio…sorry, lab. Checkout Zikoko on YouTube, new hilarious videos every week!

Upcoming events…

Lagos: Office Hours at Capital Square, April 18th. Link

Lagos: West Africa Global Impact Challenge Pitch Event, April 18th. Link

Abidjan: West Africa Demo Africa Innovation Tour, April 18th. Link

Lagos: F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference Meetup at CcHub, April 18th. Link

Durban: Digitize Africa Conference, April 18th to 20th. Link

Lagos: G3 Monthly Mobile Games Developer Meetup, April 19th. Link

Abuja: Hive Africa Global Leaders Programme, April 19th to 22nd. Link

Lagos: Cranium One’s fireside chat with Annie Eimiakhena, Director at Lohi Consulting, April 20th. Link

London: Africa Tech Summit, April 20th. Link

Lagos: Screening of Nigeria’s environmental crisis documentary, Nowhere to Run, at CcHub, April 21st. Link

Accra: Screening of an empowering film on female entrepreneurs at MEST, April 21st. Link

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Upcoming deadlines…

African Entrepreneurship Award: Applications close on April 20th. Link

CAMSCORP Ventures Lab: Apply before April 21st. Link

Mastercard Start Path Global Programme: Applications close on April 23rd. Link

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