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1. Konga.com moves into groceries – In case you missed it, Nigerian ecommerce frontrunner, Konga has turned its attention to groceries, which might give niche ecommerce operators like Supermart and Gloo.ng something to think about. Former CEO and current board chairman, Sim Shagaya said on Twitter groceries are actually returning to Konga after five years. It proved too difficult the first time.

+ The groceries component launches today, the 24th of April. As far as I can see, there’s no significant change to the Konga.com website, nor a url to a grocery section. All there is at this time is a dedicated Twitter handle.

+ Founded in July 2012, Konga has raised over a $100 million to date. 

2. Airtel Nigeria gets 4G LTE – What, like four years after they completed 4G trials? Welp, better late than never. Link

3. Remember that time I told you about Wema Bank’s new digital bank? They finally dropped the cloak and daggers and came out with it, and on Radar no less, which is quite bold. One does not simply launch on Radar, there be dragons out there. Unless you are pretty confident about your product. As it turns out, Radar members are reporting that it’s lit, which is a big deal because this is Wema we’re talking about.

+ Of course, Iyin Aboyeji’s Flutterwave is involved somehow, which counts for something.

+ I still think the name is tacky, but the product is what matters here. Opening a bank account without actually going to the bank is far more than any Nigerian bank has done. And Wema bank’s done it, as far as I can tell. Not GTBank. Not Access Bank. What a time to be alive.

4. Our internet is back – We can finally retire the #bringbackourinternet notice that we placed here for most of the 94 days that the internet was shutdown in anglophone Cameroon. But we won’t forget.

+ Our internet is back, but it’s now slow.

+ Cameroonian Internet entrepreneur and Njorku founder, Mambe Nanje talked to the BBC about the impact of the internet shutdown on his business.

+ From Quartz Africa’s editor: We need to work together to prevent African government’s from doing this internet shutdown nonsense. Link

Chatclass NG is offering a social media management course where participants will learn how to develop and execute social media strategies that deliver results. The program will feature thorough masterclasses to help you launch and grow a successful social media career. School’s already in session for April but you can register for May classes which begin on the 7th. Register here.

Other interesting things…

+ Africa is urbanising without globalising. Link

+ One of the Dozie brothers tried to offer Mark Zuckerberg a loan at F8. Mark declined, but at least he got a cool picture out of it. Link

+ Techpoint visited a new (or is it the new?) smartphone assembly plant in Lagos. Lots of photos. Link

+ I’m looking forward to Nnedi Okorafor’s Star Wars short story. Those who know, know. Link

+ By the way, Africans like games too. Heh

+ Marcello Schermer is leaving Seedstars Africa for new adventures. Well done, Marcello. Link

+ In the spirit of CSR, Andela is going beyond its standard fellows programme to teach teenage girls to code, in Nairobi. Link

+ The president of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) says Nigerians need to buy more .ng domains. Hmm. Radar people already told him that they’ll think about it if they would consider making them cheaper.

+ If live in or happen to be in Akure this weekend, there’s a Women Techmakers Event happening there, organised by the local Google Developer Group chapter. Be blessed as you attend or simply help them out.

There’s a new accelerator in town. Frontline Accelerator is what you’d get if social enterprise and venture capital got married and had a baby. They’re launching with an entrepreneur sales challenge with cash prizes of up to $1000 and job offers to the top 5 applicants. So if you’re an enterprising job seeker looking for the next big opportunity, you should definitely apply here. Deadline’s May 6th.

Upcoming events…

Lagos: Oracle Security Summit, April 25th. Link

Lagos: Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop With Futuresoft, April 26th. Link

Abidjan: GSMA Mobile 360 West Africa 2017, April 27th. Link

Lagos: ReactJs Workshop, April 29th. Link

Lagos: Startup Grind with Bassey Eyo, April 29th. Link

Akure: Women Techmakers Event, April 29th. Link

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