Today is Monday. The digest is short, but the reads in the clicks might be long and winding rabbit holes. You’ve been warned. Grab your coffee.

1. While you were weekending, Nigeria got a Twitter handle. An official Twitter handle that tweets stuff. Like Sweden, Israel, Canada and a bunch of other countries that use already the social network to promote their culture and positive developments. Check it out.

+ Apparently it’s called Twiplomacy. Hian

+ First it was a newsletter. Then a podcast. Then they started uploading stuff to Dropbox, blogging, announcing site outages, and even tweeting senate proceedings (far better than watching the stuff on NTA). These are not things Nigerian government bureaucrats usually do. I’m​ pretty sure uncle Tolu(he’s the head of Nigeria’s digital comms) had a lot to do with that. I’m here for it, I must say.

2. This is what a typical electronic payment in Nigeria looks like, as told by Paystack’s transaction logs. And it doesn’t even begin to capture the pain. And don’t even ask how bad it was in the pre-Paystack and Flutterwave era, that’s not how you want your week to begin.

If you agree with overwhelming your love interest into saying yes with the power of the internet, you won’t mind this ad from Link

3. Ire, the god is sponsoring five Nigerian women to complete any Udacity nanodegree they set their sights on. Don’t dull. Link

4. The Co-Creation Hub’s annual Social Change Summit agenda and speaker lineup is looking very good. Date is the 22nd of June, in Lagos. Link

5. If you are an African startup, and you happen to be sitting on consumer data, the future looks good. The article is lacking the standard “don’t be evil” line that is required where sharing data with third parties is concerned, but otherwise… link

6. Ade Olabode is a London-based Nigerian startup entrepreneur that likes to interview other Nigerian startup entrepreneurs. His latest interview is of Lola Ekugo. Enjoy. Link

7. South Africa’s Telkom’s is restructuring. CEO, Sipho Maseko describes the intended outcome as Remgro-style. If you know what a Remgro is, you probably care. Link

A message from Devcenter

Devcenter is a verified community of African software developers. Our developers are tested with the same methods as Google and Facebook. Build your next technology product with us. Link

The only deadline that matters today

World Bank’s XL Africa application. Link

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