“Your price is unbelievable! You know what? I want to resell it to my colleagues” – Adedamola.

This review birthed ‘Group Buy’, one of Kaiglo’s many unique features that allows you buy items at wholesale prices for those who wish to resell. Kaiglo is set to launch its newly developed mobile application later in February 2022 which will feature an In-App Wallet, daily reward on app visits and incredible package deals for reviews and referrals.

Kaiglo, founded in 2019, is an online marketplace where customers can conveniently purchase a variety of products at impressive rates. While other local e-commerce businesses continue to struggle to delight customers, Kaiglo thrives with its unique ability to offer economic incentives to shoppers on the platform. This is most critical today as the price of goods continues to rise while Nigerians have less money to spend.

TechCabal spoke with Eze Victor, CEO/Founder of Kaiglo to learn about the company’s approach to assuring customers’ delight.

 “We take pride in personalizing the experience for our customers ensuring a human element is felt. From the feel of our channels to our service delivery, we want shopping on Kaiglo to feel as natural as possible. Our market research revealed ‘trust’ as the most critical asset in the online business, and this is justified given that more Nigerians continue to encounter horrible experiences shopping online which provoked the popular internet expression ‘what I ordered versus what I got’. So, most Nigerians think carefully before making online purchase particularly on local platforms. We have over the years expended considerable efforts in customer assurance at every touchpoint of the customer’s shopping journey,” Victor explained.

The prices are ridiculously low too! At a walk-through at Kaiglo’s fulfilment centre in Ikeja with Victor, he explained how Kaiglo sources in-demand products directly from manufacturers to ensure customers have the best prices locally. “We leverage our international friends to provide key products at the right quality and price to you. When was the last time you bought genuine Converse™ sneakers for less than ten thousand Naira?”, he said.

Kaiglo adopts a unique approach to meet the needs of customers across different demography. “While it is important to have a customer archetype, our goal is to serve everyone who can access the internet, who have the means to purchase or can influence those who can afford to purchase. It is very important to note that the customers own this business and we ensure their voice is heard, for example; the ‘Group Buy’ feature was suggested by a customer. We never stop requesting your feedback, via calls, on the app and the website. Beyond serving you, we believe it is important for you to know that we value your thoughts and value that you care to share them with us”, Victor continued.

Kaiglo has also grown from 3,000 orders after its launch to over 20,000 processed orders in the third year, with a near perfect 91% customer retention rate. However, every achievement comes with its share of challenges. “The most challenging are tight financial deadlines”, Victor said laughing. However, by investing in key operational areas and partnerships, Kaiglo has managed to reduce the inefficiencies typical to innovating in any Nigerian ecosystem. “We constantly innovate with technology, optimize our operations and grow our people internally to ensure we deliver on our promise to guarantee quality products and services to customers. We understand technology can achieve a lot, but it needs the help of the right people. I am very grateful to my team for their dedication and hardwork, ensuring we leave an impact on every customer”, Victor explained.

Every e-commerce platform needs a perfect blend of quality products which showcase exactly what the buyer will be getting, easy navigation, and multiple payment options. All these factors translate into a more wholesome shopping experience. For platforms like Kaiglo, this is top priority. Their products are positioned such that customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions. The platform also ensures that its customer care team is available to customers every step of the way. That way customers know that their concerns will be promptly addressed.

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The impact of the pandemic on Nigeria and other parts of the world pushed online businesses to become more innovative and resilient. During this time, Kaiglo initiated a delivery arm, KGExpress. Not only did it help to expand the company’s footprint beyond Lagos, it also provided a means to serve thousands of customers more efficiently. 

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