It’s no news that most available tech jobs offer lucrative salaries. And you’re not overboard if financial security or remuneration is the primary motivation for seeking tech openings. Also, many people think coding and programming are the only skills required in tech jobs. Well, that’s a misconception. Here, we’ve prepared 15 high-paying coding and non-coding tech jobs you can get into.

High-paying tech jobs that don’t require coding

  1. Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers are essential in creating and promoting a positive image for products. They sync with the product development staff to guarantee that products deliver a satisfying encounter for end users. In addition, they collaborate with the marketing department to drive product awareness and sales. 

The average salary for this job at top level in the African tech ecosystem  is $93,097. 

  1. Technical Writer

Technical writing is another high-paying tech job. Technical writer roles involve translating the complex inner workings of a system, product, or programme, into easily digestible text. 

They compose explanatory texts or instructions to ensure the technology is easily understood by its intended users. Binary code, AI, and networking are only some themes they cover in their writings. 

The average pay for technical writers at top level in the African tech ecosystem is $74,650.

  1. Business Analyst

Analysts in the business world know their way around the intricacies of companies like the back of their hands. And that’s one of the reasons they have one of the highest paying tech jobs that don’t require coding. 

They don’t just put their expert business development skills to work for the company. But they’re also the most vocal advocates of incorporating new and more efficient technologies into existing procedures.

These people earn an average of $70,489 as a salary, working at top level in the African tech ecosystem.

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing is also one of the high-paying tech jobs you’ll find around. These content managers steer their teams toward producing material that resonates with their target audience. They schedule content into a calendar and put the content calendar into action to keep content creation on schedule. 

They try to engender success by ensuring the creation of digital marketing plans and retuning many elements, such as marketing automation systems and search engine marketing (SEM). 

The average salary for this job at top level in the African tech ecosystem is $69,279.

  1. A Graphic Artist

As their name implies, visual designers, or graphic designers, create eye-catching visuals to pique the interest of their target audience. Because of this, they are usually artistically inclined and have a good sense of style. To function as a graphics designer in tech, you’ll need to be able to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, among other design programmes. 

This role pays a $53,380 salary on average for this job in the African tech ecosystem.

Top paying coding tech jobs

Tech professionals who code or program are seen as the real “technicians” in the tech industry. Maybe that’s why they often have higher salaries than the non-coding techies. The following are programming or coding positions you can slot into if you are interested in coding.

  1. Full-stack development

Full-stack development is one of the highest-paying coding tech jobs in the world. A full-stack developer is someone proficient in all aspects and levels of a web development project. 

They can support the back-end team with database creation and server management tasks. Also, they can collaborate with the front-end team to design user interfaces. They can also create APIs, execute cyber security measures, and do end-to-end testing and debugging.

Full-stack developers, on average, earn $113,600 in the African tech ecosystem.

  1. Cloud Architect

Simply described, cloud computing is the practice of storing data and programmes in remote servers, making them available for use from anywhere and on any device. An example of a cloud-based file storage service is Google Drive.

Cloud computing removes the need for enterprises to manage and maintain their own servers. It makes data storage space affordable and accessible, even to startups. This facilitates global data accessibility for businesses.

A cloud architect earns an average of $142,806 per year working at top level in the African tech ecosystem.

  1. Machine Learning
high-paying tech jobs like machine learning
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Another high-paying programming tech job is machine learning engineering. An expert in machine learning creates programmes that can “learn” to carry out their tasks and improve over time without human intervention. 

The goal is to develop automated software that can not only run without human intervention. The software must also be able to adapt to new circumstances and solve problems by drawing on its history.

A machine learning engineer earns an average of $123,385 in the African tech ecosystem.

  1. Computer expert (IT Pros)

Experts in information technology (IT) are in high demand because of their crucial role in ensuring the proper operation of a business’s IT infrastructure and the productivity of its employees. 

An organisation may employ several IT specialists, each of whom may be tasked with a distinct area or set of responsibilities. Hence, the qualifications required to succeed in this position may range widely. 

An expert in information technology usually has to know more than one computer operating system and language. You’ll need top-notch problem-solving skills  to effectively aid coworkers and ensure that everyone can accomplish their tasks,

The typical salary of an IT professional is $102,095 in the African tech ecosystem.

  1. Technical Expert in DevOps

DevOps is an acronym for “development operations,” and a DevOps engineer’s responsibility is to enhance the efficiency of the software creation procedure. DevOps engineers often automate large portions of the software development lifecycle to achieve frequent updates and maintenance.

A typical DevOps engineer can expect to earn $126,179 in the African tech ecosystem.

Highest paying data-inclined tech jobs

While some tech jobs require coding, some don’t. Then there’s a class that involves more of data. And they are as follows: 

  1. Database Manager

Database managers are responsible for the upkeep of an organisation’s databases. They perform this function through problem diagnosis and resolution, data standardisation, and report generation.

Database managers also aid in selecting suitable hardware and software systems for the business.

The median annual wage for a database manager is $65,558.

  1. Data Analyst

Data analysis unmistakably features as one of the high-paying tech jobs in Africa. A data analyst’s primary responsibility is taking a company’s massive amounts of data, analysing it, and developing actionable recommendations. 

Health care, information technology, and the financial sector are just some of the fields that could benefit from the capacity of data analysts to streamline operations, cut costs, spot trends, and boost productivity.

The average salary for a data analyst is $75,225 per year.

  1. Data Warehouse Managers

Managers in charge of a data warehouse are primarily responsible for the facility’s upkeep, machine error reporting, data security, and efficient operations. They are tasked with coordinating and monitoring the database management process.

The typical salary for a data warehouse manager is $84,221 per year.

  1. Database Developer

Database developers’ primary responsibilities revolve around the programming and maintenance of databases, hardware, and software to ensure optimal performance and continued upkeep. Improving database performance and scalability is a primary priority.

The average annual wage for a database developer is $89,250.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

An analyst’s primary responsibility in business intelligence is to look for anomalies and trends in the company’s data. Executives and stockholders receive reports detailing their results, which they use to inform strategic and tactical business decisions.

These guys earn as much as $96,737 per year.

How to increase your pay as a tech professional

With the following tips, you can make even more money as a tech professional in any of the abovementioned roles. 

Get your credentials in order

There’s a vast variety of fields and subfields, each with its own set of certificates. For example, Google provides numerous credentials for professionals in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence (AI) engineering, data science, software development, operations, and administration. So, get certified to increase your value propositions.

Carefully consider your target market

Whatever field you decide to work in, you’ll develop expertise and connections that’ll make it simpler to move up the ranks. So, go for roles in which can nurse profound enthusiasm. 

Build your resume using extracurricular activities

If you want to maintain learning and improving in your profession, one surefire method to do so is to work on side projects to build your abilities and portfolio. The more qualified, enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated to your work, the more valuable you will be to an employer, and the higher your income can be.

Choose a niche

Your value to specific industries and businesses will increase in proportion to the depth of your expertise in those areas. Your niche will most likely be something you’re interested in and good at. So how are you positioning yourself to take a shot at any of the high-paying tech jobs.

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