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There has never been a more lucrative time to be a tech professional. People worldwide are contemplating career changes hoping to capitalise on the current technological upswing. But what qualifies a tech job?

Most folks rooted in the tech industry will likely answer the above question based on their position or niche. Therefore, factors including education, work history, coding skills, job responsibilities, workplace environment, employer values, services provided, items sold, and technological resources will define most responses. As such, tech job definitions will likely be subject to relativity.  

However, a tech job can be classified by three categories. They are Product-based, Role-based, or Company-based.

Classification of what qualifies a tech job

The following are categories that define what a tech job is:

Role-based tech jobs 

Here, what qualifies as a tech job is your function in a position. A tech career stands out in this category because of its exclusive focus on computers and related infrastructure.

In other words, being technically savvy is crucial in today’s world. However, what defines a role-based tech job must involve some aspect of technology. And it may be coding, database management, server administration, cloud computing, or software architecture design.

Therefore, role-based category tech jobs accommodate people like web developers, IT support, database managers, computer hardware engineers, data scientists, network engineers, and software engineers.

The demand for these technicians is significant in but isn’t limited to the technology sector.  They’re also in high demand for employment in fields unrelated to technology. 

Shopping malls, financial institutions, factories, clinics, and universities can all benefit from the expertise of these typical technicians.

Product-based tech jobs

Now, these are people in tech but are not directly technicians. “Tech jobs” here include anyone who assists a technician or engages them to produce a commodity or service for sale or render.  

In other words, product-based roles aren’t filled by actual technicians. They are folks who are part of the tech ecosystem and make technicians’ jobs easier or more fulfilling.

So what qualifies as a tech job in this product-based role? This category houses Data analysts, People managers, Product managers, Project managers and UX/UI designers.

However, you need a solid technical intuition to fit into these positions too.

Company-based tech jobs

Now, this is where it gets most inclusive. Regardless of what you do, you have a tech job if a tech company hires you. 

Company-based definitions of tech jobs classify technology occupations in terms of where people work. For example, anyone employed by Samsung technically has a “tech job”.

This company-based categorisation of tech jobs means you can be a non-technical employee at a major tech business. And this is a terrific way to obtain the rewards (high salaries and incentives) of working in tech if you want to avoid coding or delving into programming.

Tech jobs in this class comprise content developers, sales managers, marketing and advertising personnel, human resource persons, financial experts, public relations professionals, and customer service representatives. 

Final thoughts on what qualifies a tech job

Employment opportunities in the technological sector cater to people of all backgrounds and skill sets.

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