MTN MoMo Ghana means you can get more done via ussd and mobile application. We’ve prepared this article to show you how to carry out different transactions with the MTN MoMo service in Ghana.

Tuition payment

MTN MoMo has made it much simpler to pay school tuition. Follow the steps below to get it done:

  • Dial *170#
  • Go to 2 MoMoPay and Pay Bill
  • Put in 2 for Bill Payments
  • Press 3 for school fees
  • Search for School by selecting either Alias by Name
  • Type in the alias or name
  • Enter your MoMo PIN 
  • After a successful payment, you will receive a notification.

Buy treasury bills

If you didn’t know, you may use your MTN MoMo account to purchase Treasury bills. Check out the instructions below to apply.

 To apply for T-Bill, 

  • First dial *170#
  • Enter 5 for Financial Services
  • Enter 4 for Pension and Investments
  • Enter 2 Buy Treasury Bills
  • Choose 2 to Apply
  • Select Tenure
  • Enter preferred amount
  • Select or approve next of kin
  • Select 1 to proceed with payment
  • Enter your MoMo PIN
  • You’d get a confirmation alert if the transaction was successful

Withdrawing money from an ATM using your MoMo wallet

With MTN MoMo, you may withdraw money from any ATM.

Getting your money out entails the following:

  • Dial *170#
  • Choose option 5 – Financial Services
  • Press 1 for For Banking Services
  • Press 3 for Atm cash out
  • Press 1 to generate a token
  • Key in the 4-digit Security Code
  • Input the amount you intend to withdraw
  • Enter MoMo PIN
  • Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation message

Move cash from your regular bank account to your Mtn MoMo Ghana wallet

You can transfer money into your MoMo account straight from your bank account. Just do the following:

  • Dial *170#
  • Pick “Financial Services” in option 5
  • Press 1 for “Banking Services”
  • Next, choose “Bank Transfer”, then select the Bank you want
  • Confirm the account you’re sending from
  • Input amount
  • Enter your MTN MoMo PIN
  • Once the transaction is complete, you will receive confirmation

Using MoMo to settle your electric bills

MTN MoMo Ghana makes it easy to stay on top of utility bill payments. It’s a breeze!

  • Dial *170#
  • Press 2 for MoMoPay and Bill Payment 
  • Press 2 for Bill Payment
  • Next, enter 1 for Utility Payment
  • Then press 1 for ECG
  • Input the account number and amount
  • Once you’ve entered your MM PIN and verified your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email

Methods for changing your MoMo password (PIN reset)

You should safeguard your MTN MoMo PIN like any other sensitive information. You should keep your MoMo PIN secret at all times. If you ever have reason to believe that your MoMo PIN has been misused, you can get it reset.

The method is as follows:

  • Simply enter *170# on your MTN phone to begin
  • Choose “My Wallet” at option 6
  • Then “Change & Reset PIN” at option 5
  • To change your password, go to “Reset PIN” under option 2.
  • To confirm your PIN and register, choose “yes,” which is usually the first option

That’s how easy it is! Congratulations, you have updated your Ghana MTN MoMo PIN.

MTN MoMo Pay: How to use it

Get in the habit of using MoMoPay the next time you need to make a payment. It doesn’t require you to wait in line, complete any paperwork, or have any currency on hand.

See how to use MoMoPay here:

  • Dial *170#
  • Enter option 2 for MoMoPay & Pay Bill
  • Choose 1 for MoMoPay
  • Now, you will need to know the merchant’s ID. (This is different from the Merchant’s wallet number, which is no longer valid.) The merchant should provide his ID upon request. 
  • Enter the Merchant ID.
  • Enter the amount to be paid. 
  • Enter your reference 
  • Before making a purchase, you will be able to verify the entire name of the Merchant
  • You can then input your Mobile Money PIN after verifying the merchant’s name
  • After this, both you and the seller will get confirmation of the successful payment

Steps to take when making a water bill payment with MTN MoMo Ghana

To make a payment or view your bill with MTN MoMo, simply

  • Dial *170# and click the second option, “MoMo Pay/ Pay Bill.”
  • Choose an option Count One: Basic Needs
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions after choosing option 2 – Water Bill.

A guide to settling your ECG Postpaid account with MTN MoMo

To make a payment or view your bill with MTN MoMo, simply

  • Dial *170# and go to the second option, “MoMo Pay/ Pay Bill”
  • Check box 1 for utilities
  • Following that, go ahead and pick ECG as your next course of action and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to use MTN MoMo to pay for DStv or GOtv subscriptions

To make a payment using MTN MoMo Ghana, simply

  • Dial *170# and choose option 2 (MoMo Pay/Pay Bill)
  • Then select “TV and Entertainment” in the second option
  • After that, choose DStv or GOtv as the provider (option 1) and proceed with the on-screen instructions

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