Like many of us in Nigeria, you probably saw this tweet from SpaceX Technologies announcing the arrival of their Starlink internet service in Nigeria. Nigeria is the first African country with access to Starlink internet services but with the restrictions on naira cards over dollar purchases, Nigerians have been finding it impossible to get access to this state-of-the-art internet technology. Now Payfi, a leading BNPL financial technology company has partnered with SD Global Impact Services Ltd (SDG) to become the first Fintech in Nigeria to offer Nigerians an option to not only pay for the Starlink router with Naira cards but to be able to pay for it in instalments.

The benefits of the internet are immeasurable. With access to the internet, institutions collaborate globally, share ideas, and accelerate growth. But with the economic situation in Nigeria, the $600 price for a Starlink router is too much for many Nigerians who need access to fast internet. The benefit of this partnership between Payfi and SDG is that it offers Nigerians access to high-speed internet benefits with the chance to pay small small or outrightly with their naira cards. You can buy a Starlink router with either your Visa or Master card and pay either in monthly instalments or fully.

Left to Right – Philips Akinyele – CEO/ Co – Founder Payfi, Seun Sanni – COO/ Co – Founder Payfi
Igho Matthew – CTO/ Co – Founder Payfi

Payfi has a history of leading financial solutions in Nigeria. Their buy now, pay later offerings have given Nigerians access to an improved quality of life without breaking the bank. SDG on the other hand is a green solutions company with interests in waste management, mining and agric commodities and other forms of consulting. This partnership gives accessibility to Nigerians who want more flexible payment options for high-quality products. By becoming the first fintech in Nigeria to offer this service, Payfi is offering convenience to businesses, SMEs, hospitals, and schools in even the most remote and rural places where traditional telcos might not provide full services. Speaking of this partnership the company co-founder and COO, Seun  Sanni said “We understand that a lot of Nigerians and Nigerian businesses want high-speed internet but the initial cost of $600 is a big financial barrier to accessing this device. With this unique offering, institutions in the country will have access to the internet with about 104Mbps speed which will lead to better communication and productivity.”

To buy Starlink in affordable instalments click here.

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