Apple’s annual developer conference got underway, bearing exciting news for Apple lovers and enthusiasts. The keynote address contained announcements of new Macs, improvements to the iOS 17, and also the long-awaited introduction of Apple’s new mixed-reality headset. One of the most significant absences was updates about any iPhone release, which would probably be a sad one for Apple lovers who’d been anticipating the beauty and power of a likely iPhone 15.  However, here, you’ll find information about the 6 latest Apple products announcements made at WWDC in 2023.

1. After about 7 years of development the Apple AR/VR Headset has been announced 

latest Apple products Vision Pro APPle AR/VR headset
Image Credit: Apple

Number one on the list of the latest Apple products announcements is the Vision Pro. Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, a brand-new category of computer. You may incorporate digital material into the environment around you using this new headset. The Vision Pro seeks to transform how we connect with Apple devices or interfaces by providing controls that let you engage your hands, eyes, and voice to interact with digital material.

latest Apple products
Image Credit: Apple

It is intended for the spatial operating system to establish another dimension of physicality for you. In other words, you can move objects around in your view naturally by using interactive windows’ shadows and shading. You can immerse yourself in settings that function like VR even though you can exist entirely within the one you’re naturally in.

Apple is also putting effort into Apple Vision Pro’s entertainment integration. This will apply to 3D movies and Apple Arcade games on the system. Also, Disney+ will be accessible on the Apple Vision Pro beginning immediately when it launches for sale.

The Apple Vision Pro will be marketed and sold in 2024 for $3,499. When it officially launches, Apple lovers will be able to learn more about it and see live demonstrations in Apple Stores around the world.

2. 15-inch MacBook Air

latest Apple products mac 15 inch picture
Image Credit: Apple

Alongside the VR headset, the 15-inch MacBook Air joined the latest Apple products announcements. The computer, an update to the 13-inch model, was officially unveiled at the WWDC 2023 event. The laptop is one of the slimmest of its kind with it being just 11.5 inches thick. In addition, it has a 15-inch screen, an M2 microprocessor that powers a display with a brightness of 500 nits, a 1080p camera, and six speakers.

latest Apple products thinnest apple laptop
Image Credit: Apple

Next week, the brand-new Macbook Air will be offered for $1,299. Along with the launch of the new 15-inch model, the price of the 13-inch MacBook Air will be reduced by $100.

3. The imminence of Death Stranding Director’s Cut to Mac

It was also revealed that Death Stranding Director’s Cut would soon be accessible through the Mac Store as part of Apple’s renewed emphasis on gaming on Macs. Additionally, Kojima mentioned that his group would be trying to add more titles to the platform in the future. And this surfaces as the third most significant latest Apple products announced at the WWDC.

4. Mac Pro with M2 Ultra

latest Apple products M2
Image Credit: Apple

As part of their latest products, Apple revealed that the Mac Pro will receive an update with the new M2 Ultra CPUs. This improves video editing performance and offers PCI expansion and customisable features. The Pro will be able to accommodate up to 6 monitors, just like the Mac Studio.

The cost of the Mac Pro will be $6,999, which is pretty pricier than the previous model from 2019.

5. Mac Studio with M2 Ultra

latest Apple products M2 MAX CHIP
Image Credit: Apple

The M2 Max chip for Mac Studio offers an improvement of up to 25% over the M1 Max processor. Apple also unveiled the new M2 Ultra chip as part of their latest products. This chip offers an even greater 30% improvement over the M1. Faster video editing, rendering, and improved 8K streaming are all benefits of this new technology. The new Ultra chip is perfect for the best creative experience because it can support up to 6 monitors.

Starting from June 14, the Mac Studio will be available for $1,999 and you can make purchases through the Apple store.

6. New Apple software updates

New features for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, MacOS Sonoma, and other software were a key part of WWDC 2023.

The Apple iOS 17

The most significant upgrades to iOS have been made to the messaging apps. This contains catch-up arrows, swipe to reply, live voicemail, and search filters within messages. Additionally, stickers received an upgrade with improved messaging integration. Additionally, there is a deeper connectivity with your communications and location information.

In addition to the communication apps, Apple also unveiled Name Drop, a new method for quickly exchanging contact details via AirDrop. A brand-new app called Journal was also revealed, and it will go live later this year. Journal will be an integration of recent photos, events, and places.

Additionally, a new StandBy mode is available to provide an always-on display when your phone is charging and facing the other direction. Clocks, app notifications, and other features are available in a variety of formats on this screen.

MacOS Sonoma

Enhancements to screensavers and widgets are the first updates to the new MacOS. The latest version of Mac OS X allows for even greater widget interactivity, much like the latest version of iPadOS. You can put these widgets wherever you choose on the desktop, and they will change colour to blend in when they aren’t in use. The compatibility between iOS and OS X applications will improve.

latest Apple products Sonoma 2023
Image Credit: Apple

In addition, a new Game Mode has been integrated into MacOS to improve the overall performance of your Mac when playing games. Moreover, the decreased audio delay makes this a better fit for use with AirPods. Along with the new mode, Metal 3 will simplify the process of porting games to Mac.

To coincide with Sonoma, Safari has also been updated. This entails enhancing private browsing by locking pages while you aren’t using them to prevent tracking. In addition, there will be profiles that let you organise your tracking into subsets. Any website can now be turned into a web app by simply visiting the site and docking it.

The Apple WatchOS 10

In keeping with the general trend of updates to other operating systems, WatchOS 10 includes enhancements to the interactive capabilities of widgets. The Smart Stack feature accomplishes this by letting you swiftly browse and play around with an array of widgets.

There have been modifications to both widgets and applications that make it easier to see more data and switch between them. There will also be new watch faces, such as one featuring Snoopy and Woodstock.

The Apple iPad OS17

Image Credit: Apple

Improvements in widget interaction and adaptability are among the latest iPadOS improvements. This means you may skip the clicking and instead use the widgets on your home screen to tick boxes and skim through content. The ability to personalise the lock screen with widgets, pictures, and real-time events has also been improved.

With iPad OS 17, you can now edit and fill out PDF forms with the help of new machine-learning models. Notes now have native support for PDFs, enabling cross-device collaboration on PDFs.

The Apple TVtv OS 17

Image Credit: Apple

Like the other operating systems, Apple TV is getting an upgrade that will improve the home screen. FaceTime will soon be available as an app for Apple TV, allowing you to make and receive calls using your TV screen and iPhone cameras.

The Apple VisionOS

Image Credit: Apple

Apple also announced an updated version of its VisionOS to accompany its new headset, in addition to the other operating system updates. Built from the bottom up to support spatial computing, it puts a premium on incorporating 3D video and audio. Users of Apple Vision Pro will have access to a dedicated app store stocked with compatible software.

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