iPhone 15 series release

Rumours of the iPhone 15 series have already been circulating online as we edge closer to Apple’s highly anticipated yearly September announcements. Talks from different quarters suggest Apple may introduce new, limited-edition colours for the iPhone 15 Pro and the regular iPhone 15. 

Here is all we know about the rumoured release, such as the promised features and when we may expect to see them.

1. Predicted features and upgrades for the iPhone 15

The gadget is likely to have Apple’s Bionic A16 chipset, which was used in the iPhone 14 Pro last year. This is consistent with the company’s recent practice of selling flagship phones at reduced prices a year after their initial introduction. Therefore, the next generation of models should adopt a similar strategy. Since the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are expected to be Apple’s flagship devices for the year, they are a probable candidate to ship with the company’s new Bionic A17 processor.

2. Camera expectations

Speaking of pictures and videos, the base models of the iPhone 15 series may include 48-megapixel cameras, identical to those found in the previous iPhone variants. This would be a significant upgrade from the existing 12-megapixel sensors in existing iPhones. 

Optical zoom with a telephoto lens and LiDAR technology, on the other hand, may be unavailable on base versions of the iPhone 15 and found only in more expensive variants. There have been rumours that the iPhone 15 Pro Max model’s camera module has been upgraded with periscope lenses that provide 5-6x optical zoom, in addition to more sensors.

3. Battery life

As of yet, information regarding the battery and its charging capabilities is unavailable. Considering that even the most affordable Android phones offer rapid charging speeds of at least 30W, Apple would be wise to include such capabilities. However, iPhones only support 20W technology, whereas phones costing under $400 already offer 80W fast charging, resulting in longer durations to achieve full battery capacity.

4. The iPhone 15 series will likely not include a charger

Starting with the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple has not included a charger in the retail packaging of its iPhones. This trend is expected to continue with the release of the iPhone 15 series.

5. Colours 

Both 9To5Mac and a reliable tipster on Weibo have reported that the iPhone 15 Pro will come in an exclusive “crimson” colour option. There will also be a very deep crimson option. In addition, a new green colour option for the regular iPhone 15 is rumoured to be in the works, with Apple reported to be aiming for a tint “close to the green of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11”. However, as this is not yet confirmed by Apple, therefore readers should treat the news as a rumour.

6. Timeline and final thoughts for the iPhone 15 series release

Based on the timing of previous Apple product launches, we should expect the new iPhone 15 series to be unveiled in September of this year. There have been no rumours or leaks to suggest that the launch will be delayed; nevertheless, in case of unforeseen circumstances, the debut could be pushed back until October. 

Regardless, we anticipate an announcement of the iPhone 15 series anytime from September, which is less than two months away.

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