apply for Twitter X monetisation

The internet has been in a buzz since Elon Musk’s Twitter X executed its broadened creator monetisation program by including a share of ad revenue generated from ads displayed in response to their posts. As part of its initiative to enhance user earnings on the platform, the company has confirmed plans to expand the program later this month, inviting all eligible creators to apply. Here, we discuss conditions/how to apply for this Twitter monetisation.

Eligibility to apply for Twitter monetisation

Those who can enjoy Twitter monetisation include those who hit the following 4 conditions: 

  • Twitter Blue subscribers or Verified organisations.
  • Accounts with up to 500 followers
  • Those with a tweet impression count exceeding 5 million per month over the past three months
  • Creators who meet the Creator Monetisation Standards through human evaluation.

With the launch of the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program, artists are inclined to encourage interactions with their tweets, ideally fostering meaningful discussions. However, there have been concerns about the platform becoming a place that breeds more toxicity and vulgarity than before as people start to quest for engagement and impressions. 

Other key points to note as you apply for Twitter monetisation

While it’s exciting to start creating any sort of content that can generate engagement and in return provide you income, Twitter X has some terms and conditions you may want to know. See the following three:

  • While Twitter has historically displayed leniency towards explicit content, it strictly prohibits the commercialisation of sexual material under its content monetisation guidelines. 
  • The platform explicitly discourages pyramid schemes and get-rich-quick endeavours, as well as any content endorsing violence, criminal activities, gambling, or substance abuse. 
  • Moreover, creators attempting to profit from copyrighted content they do not own will be excluded from participation in the ad revenue-sharing program.

Final thoughts

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the symbiotic relationship between content creation and revenue rewards on social media stands as a testament to the evolving power of user-generated content. 

As content creators continue to shape online narratives and captivate global audiences, innovative revenue reward systems offer not only financial incentives but also recognition for their creative endeavours. With platforms like Twitter continually refining these models, the future holds exciting possibilities for content creators to not only thrive but also revolutionise the way we engage with digital content, fostering a community where creativity is celebrated and rewarded in equal measure.

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