If you’re interested in subscribing to Twitter Blue now renamed – X Premium, you are reading the right article. X Premium is Twitter’s premium subscription service that elevates quality conversations on the platform. X Premium is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select features. Before how to apply for Twitter Blue, let’s see some of the features it holds for you.

Features you’ll be enjoying when you apply for Twitter Blue a.k.a X Premium

Premium includes a number of features to improve your experience, including:

1. Edit post on Twitter Blue

You can access and use the “Edit Post” feature to make adjustments to your published posts within an hour. This includes updates, tagging, and media arrangements. This feature applies exclusively to original posts and Quotes.

2. Half Ads on Twitter Blue

You’ll experience a 50% reduction in ads with “Half Ads” in your “For You” and “Following” timelines. As you scroll, non-promoted posts will intersperse between ads, excluding those in profiles, post replies, and other areas.

3. Enhanced user experience

You’ll be able to enhance conversations and search by boosting the rankings of posts and replies you’ve engaged with. Subscribers will be highlighted in others’ Verified tabs, showcasing engagement by Premium users.

4. Create longer text posts beyond 280 characters

Enjoy the ability to create longer posts of up to 25,000 characters with “Longer Posts.” These extended posts can still include media, polls, and hashtags, but only Premium users can create them, while everyone can read them.

5. Text formatting

You’ll be able to style your X posts with bold and italics formatting when you apply for and get Twitter Blue

6. Bookmark folders

Organize your Bookmarked posts into private folders for easy discovery using the “Bookmark Folders” feature.

7. Undo button on Twitter Blue

When you apply and get Twitter Blue, you can preview and refine your posts before making them visible to others with the “Undo Post” option.

8. Extended video limit

With Twitter Blue, you can share longer videos of up to approximately 3 hours in length and 8GB file size with the “Longer Video Upload” feature. You could literally upload a movie. 

9. Hide your verification tick

You can keep your profile checkmark hidden from profiles and posts using the “Hide Your Checkmark” feature, which includes evolving functionalities. 

How to apply for Twitter Blue in Nigeria

The following steps will help in your application for Twitter Blue also known as X Premium. Please note that the subscription for the service prices at $8/month or $84/year in available countries, to get the blue checkmark alongside the features mentioned above and more.

1. Go to Blue on your X or Twitter app

On your Twitter app on the top left you’ll find the menu button. When you click it, you’ll find “Blue” there just like you can see below.

Apply for Twitter Blue in Nigeria; X Premium 2023

However, when you click on the Blue icon, you’ll be greeted by the prompt below that Twitter Blue is unavailable in your region. 

Apply for Twitter Blue in Nigeria; X Premium 2023

This issue is mostly common for Twitter users resident in Nigeria and some other African countries. But you don’t need to be dismayed. You can get it done. Just visit twitter.com via your Chrome or Safari browser and log in to your Twitter account. 

You should see the following when you click on the top left menu:

Unlike on the App, what you’ll see here is PREMIUM instead of “Blue”. So click it.

2. Verify phone number

You’ll be asked to verify your phone number if you haven’t. Without verifying your phone number, you’ll most likely be unable to proceed with the application for Twitter Blue.

Apply for Twitter Blue in Nigeria; X Premium 2023

3. Make payment

The next step after verifying your phone number is to make payment. For countries like Nigeria, despite the payment currency appearing in naira, you may have issues with payment if you do not have a dollar transaction-enabled card. This is due to the ban placed on dollar transactions via naira debit cards. 

However, if you have an eligible card, simply input the details, and click subscribe.

4. Get Access

Once you subscribe, you’ll be granted access to all X premium features as stated below. If you like, you can go ahead and apply for the ad revenue sharing program. 

Final thoughts on Twitter Blue subscription

Kindly note that upon subscription, modifications to your profile picture, choice of display name, or unique username (@handle) shall lead to the temporary removal of the illustrious blue checkmark, until such time that Twitter verifies your account’s alignment with their verification criteria. During this evaluation phase, further alterations would be on temporary suspension.

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