Technology constantly shapes our lives, and innovation sometimes holds the key to addressing societal challenges. One such innovation is the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, which, while primarily designed for capturing life’s moments and enhancing social media experiences, can also play a significant role in curbing vices prevalent in Africa, such as sexual abuse, police brutality, extortion, and more. Let’s explore how these glasses can be a powerful tool in promoting safety and accountability in the region.

Capturing evidence with a 12MP camera

Meta Ray-Ban glasses camera

One of the most valuable features of Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses is the powerful 12 MP ultra-wide camera. This camera’s high-quality photo and video capabilities can serve as a discreet tool for documenting and exposing incidents of police brutality and other injustices. The glasses empower users to capture real-time evidence, reducing the ability of wrongdoers to act with impunity.

Hands-free communication for reporting

The glasses also offer a hands-free communication feature that allows users to make calls and send messages using voice commands. This feature can be invaluable in situations where individuals need to discreetly report instances of extortion, harassment, or sexual abuse. With the ability to contact authorities or trusted individuals without drawing attention to themselves, victims can seek help when they need it most.

Meta AI for Information and Assistance

Meta AI integration provides users with a personal assistant that can offer information and control features using voice commands. This can be especially useful for those seeking information on their legal rights, emergency services, or guidance on how to deal with abusive situations. The AI can help users access the right resources quickly and discreetly.

Open-ear audio for safety and awareness

Meta Ray-Ban glasses

The discreet open-ear speakers in the smart glasses enhance audio quality without isolating the wearer from their surroundings. This feature ensures that individuals remain aware of their environment, a critical aspect of personal safety in regions where vigilance is necessary to avoid threats and vices.

One major advantage of the Ray-ban Meta Smart glasses

One remarkable advantage of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses is their compatibility with prescription lenses. If you require prescription eyewear, you can easily incorporate this essential feature into your Meta glasses. There are two convenient options for obtaining Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with prescription lenses: you can order a complete pair directly from, or you can visit participating LensCrafters stores to have prescription lenses added. It’s worth noting that for warranty purposes, it is recommended to have prescription lenses added at certified LensCrafters locations. This outstanding feature ensures that the Meta glasses can cater to your visual needs, security concerns, and your tech-savvy lifestyle. 

What you need to operate the Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses

To set up and use your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, ensure you have the following prerequisites in place:

1. Compatible smartphone

You’ll need a smartphone with a recently released operating system. For Android users, this means Android 10 or above, and for iOS enthusiasts, iOS 14.4 and above. Don’t forget to enable location services on your smartphone. For a comprehensive list of compatible devices, refer to the official documentation.

2. Wireless internet access

A reliable wireless internet connection is essential to unlock the full potential of your Meta smart glasses. It ensures seamless connectivity and access to various features.

3. USB-C charging cable and plug

While the glasses come with their own charging cable, you may need a USB-C charging cable and plug if you prefer charging from a power outlet. Make sure you have these handy to keep your glasses powered up.

4. Valid meta account

To make the most of your Meta experience, you’ll need a valid Meta account. Ensure that you have your account set up and ready to go.

5. Meta view app

The Meta View app is your gateway to unlocking the capabilities of your smart glasses. You can download it from your device’s app store. Install the app to enable seamless communication between your glasses and smartphone.

Where to buy the Meta Ray-Ban glasses

The smart eyewear isn’t yet made available for sale in Africa. However, you can purchase the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Australia, through certified Meta retailers and the official Meta website. 

They are also available at Ray-Ban stores and certified dealers, both online and in-store. There are several styles available for the glasses, and the variants also mean they have different prices.  But you’ll get one between $275-$400.

Final thoughts on the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses

The only downside to these smart glasses is the inability to work independently of a smartphone. Nevertheless, the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, with its impressive features, aren’t just about fashion-tech, but a tool that can empower individuals in Africa to tackle prevalent vices head-on. 

By facilitating discreet communication, capturing evidence, and providing access to information, these glasses can contribute to a safer and more accountable society.

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