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MTN is one of the networks in Nigeria with massive coverage and premium voice call quality. As such, it’s little wonder many Nigerians fancy the network especially for their Close User Group (CUG) services. MTN CUG provides an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to enjoy unlimited free calls and SMS within a closed user group. In this guide, we’ll explore two primary methods of subscription and walk you through the steps to activate MTN CUG in 2024 for an enhanced communication experience.

1. Subscribing at MTN offices nationwide

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The first option involves visiting any MTN office nationwide. However, it’s essential to note that this option is tailored for businesses with a significant number of lines. Comprehensive documentation is required, making it suitable for established companies looking to leverage MTN CUG for seamless communication in 2024 and beyond.

2. Use Samic for online and flexible MTN CUG subscription

The first option may appear pretty bureaucratic. The second option introduces Samic, a platform that democratises the MTN CUG subscription, catering to both small-scale and large-scale users. Simply follow these steps to subscribe:

Step 1: Register on the Samic website

Visit the official Samic website, register, and activate your account. You’ll need to link your BVN to the account in compliance with the CBN directive for platforms requiring virtual/wallet deposits.

Step 2: Add MTN Numbers for CUG

Click MTN CUG under the menu which you’ll find on the top left corner. 

Then click on “Manage CUG numbers/ Activation. Businesses can add staff members, and individuals can include family or loved ones with MTN lines and correct NIN details. Also, note that you’ll need to add the numbers one after the other. 

Step 3: Fill in the required details

For each line, you’ll need to provide the name of the owner, upload a valid Identity document, their NIN, a generated VNIN, and other necessary details for the CUG registration. For each line, there’s a first-time activation cost of ₦500.

Also, to subscribe to the MTN CUG service, a minimum duration of three months is required for each line, with a monthly charge of ₦1000. So for instance, if a couple (husband and wife) subscribes, the total cost for both lines would be ₦6000, granting unlimited calls and texts for three months. 

Step 4: Fund your wallet

There are about 3 options to fund your account. The first is via a virtual bank account likely to be a Wema bank account automatically created for your Samic transactions. You can fund your account with as low as ₦100, using this option.

The other two options for funding your Samic wallet are Card and Bank Transfer. However, the least you can fund your wallet with, using these channels, is ₦1000. 

Additionally, when funding your Samic wallet for MTN CUG or any other Samic services, users are advised to add a small amount to cover for deposit charges. You can add between 100-200 naira to the amount you’re planning to use to carry out a transaction. The charges won’t be up to that but you can add for future purposes too. For example, if you want to pay for a service worth ₦6000, you may just deposit ₦6100.

Step 5: Submit lines

Once you have submitted the details for the MTN number(s) you want to add to the CUG subscription, click the “submit entry”, and you’re done. Subsequently, on each line you registered, there’ll be an SMS confirming the lines’ CUG activation and subscription. 

You can actively follow up on your activation via the official Samic CUG customer care line via WhatsApp on +234 708 734 9911. You can also reach them via call or WhatsApp on +234 706 318 8981. 

Important notes on MTN CUG 2024

Things to note when registering for MTN CUG with the Samic option.

Name consistency

  • Ensure that the name filled for each line matches the name used to register the line.
  •  Verify that the submitted NIN and ID card bear the same name.

Accepted ID Cards

Only the following ID cards are accepted for your MTN CUG registration:

  •     NIN slip/NIMC card
  •     Driver’s license
  •     Voter’s card
  •     International passport

Debt-Free SIMs

  • Make sure that the lines submitted for CUG activation are not owing MTN until CUG is activated on them.

Subscription renewal

  • Subscribers are advised to renew their MTN CUG subscriptions promptly for uninterrupted services.
  • Non-renewal of CUG subscription after the 3-month subscription period will not stop your line from working normally.
  • After one month of non-renewal, a reconnection token, in addition to the regular subscription fee, is required to continue using the CUG service. 
  • If you won’t be needing the CUG service for a long time, request via the SAMIC contact line for a CUG deactivation. Whenever you’re ready again, you request for a reactivation. 

General SIM usage

  • Throughout the subscription period, subscribers can use their SIM cards as usual.
  • Regular activities such as recharging, making calls, browsing and communicating with any network are not restricted for any reason.
  • Subscription limitations apply only to the CUG subscribed lines, not affecting the normal functioning of the SIM card for other purposes.

Additional benefits apart from MTN CUG on the Samic website

Apart from the MTN CUG, subscribers can purchase airtime, data, and various services like Cable TV, and exam result checkers, at discounted rates. You also get bonuses and opportunities for earning are available, enhancing the value of being an MTN CUG 2024 subscriber. 

Final thoughts on MTN CUG subscription 2024

Whether you opt for the traditional MTN office subscription or the convenient Samic platform, MTN CUG offers an innovative solution for enhanced communication, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals alike.

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