How to easily do your 2024 NYSC Biometrics online yourself with biometric and thumb hd picture on nice background

As a prospective NYSC corps member (PCM) in 2024 and beyond, completing your biometrics is a vital step in the NYSC registration process. Here, we’ll show you through the process clearly and concisely.

Important Note: The option to capture fingerprints directly through your web browser is no longer supported.

Here’s what you’ll need to carry out the NYSC Biometrics:

  • A computer with internet access.
  • A Digital Persona 4500 fingerprint scanner as you can see below:

Step 1: Download and install the Biometric Client

  1. Visit the NYSC Biometric Client download page (
  2. Carefully follow the on-page instructions to install the Biometric Client software.

Remember: No license or additional software is required for registration and fingerprint capture.

Step 2: Capture your fingerprints

  1. Once the Biometric Client is installed, launch the program.
  2. The software will guide you through the fingerprint-capturing process. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

Step 3: Complete your NYSC online registration and biometrics

Pro Tip: Ensure you have a valid passport photograph that meets the NYSC specifications before proceeding.

  1. Proceed with the online registration process on the NYSC portal.
  2. During registration, you’ll be prompted to complete the NYSC biometrics section. The Biometric Client software will seamlessly integrate with the registration portal to capture your fingerprints electronically.


  • If you encounter an “Update Required” message, simply uninstall the current Biometric Client software and reinstall the latest version from the NYSC website.

Final thoughts on how to easily do your 2024 NYSC Biometrics online yourself

By following these steps, you’ll successfully complete your NYSC biometrics and be one step closer to embarking on your service year. Remember, completing your biometrics is mandatory for all PCMs. If you have any further questions, you can read our online directory of well-curated NYSC-related questions and answers and refer to the NYSC portal for additional information.

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