Change or correct your NIN details with the 2024 NIMC self service

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) of Nigeria is at the forefront of digitizing the majority of its services, and one of the latest initiatives is its new self service portal for NIN details correction or change in 2024 and beyond. After passing through the NIMC self service registration processes and logging in, users are greeted with a comprehensive list of options for modifying their National Identification Number (NIN) details. From changing names to updating addresses and phone numbers, the portal offers convenience with transparent pricing. However, navigating these changes requires careful attention to documentation and guidelines. Notably, altering critical information such as the date of birth entails specific procedures and prerequisites. Let’s explore the nuances of NIN detail adjustments and the significance of compliance in this digital landscape.

Viewing NIN details change options

Once you log in after the face capture, you’ll see a list of what you can change on the new 2024 NIMC self-service portal and their correction prices alongside them:

Prices to change any NIN details on NIMC self service portals.
  1. NIN Change Of Name costs 1522.5 NGN
  2. NIN Change Of Address costs 1522.5 NGN
  3. NIN Change Of Phone Number costs 1522.5 NGN
  4. NIN Change Of Date Of Birth is the highest priced at 16340 NGN

Note that all modifications require support documents. So you need to ensure to have them ready for upload.

Change of Date Of Birth details on NIN 2024

Changing your Date of Birth (DOB) is a one-time opportunity, whether through the self-service website or at a NIMC enrollment centre. To initiate this change, users must provide an NPC birth certificate. Before commencing the Date of Birth Modification on NIMC, ensure completion of birth attestation/registration on the NPC website. It’s crucial to note that any subsequent payments for this change after the one-time opportunity will not be refunded nor will the change be effected.

NIN change of name Online requirements

The self-service website allows multiple changes of name throughout one’s lifetime. However, after three modifications on this platform, further name change requests must be handled at a NIMC enrollment centre. To commence a name change, users must provide a valid court affidavit and government-issued identification displaying their full names. For name changes due to marriage, a valid marriage certificate and a newspaper update are necessary.

Change Of Address details on NIN

Changing your home address is unrestricted over a lifetime, accessible through both the self-service website and NIMC enrollment centers. To initiate this change, users need to provide either a utility bill, tenancy agreement, bank statement, or a community leader’s attestation.

Change of Phone Number

Updates to your phone number are permitted multiple times within a lifetime. However, the self-service website only allows three modifications. Upon reaching this limit, any additional phone number changes must be processed at a NIMC enrollment center. To begin a phone number change, users are required to submit a police report indicating the phone number to be updated.

Other information on changing your NIN details via the NIMC self-service portal 2024

Once you choose and click any detail you want to change, you’ll be prompted to provide the changes you want to make and to upload supporting documents. Then you’ll make payment with the online payment option which you can use your ATM cards to simply carry out. After the process, you simply wait for a few days for the NIMC system to verify, and your correction will be effected.

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