Breakdown of 2024 Ghana passport application price increase  with picture of ghana passport on beautiful hd background

The Ghanaian government recently implemented an update to passport processing fees. If you’re planning to apply for a Ghana passport, it’s crucial to be abreast of the 2024 price or pricing structure before submitting your application.

Standard Ghana passport 2024 application price structure 

Previously, the standard application fee for the 32-page booklet was around GH¢100.00, while the 48-page booklet cost about GH¢150.00. This has changed significantly. 

The new standard fee for a 32-page booklet is now GH¢500.00, reflecting a substantial 400% increase. The standard 48-page passport booklet has also seen a significant increase, with the new price set at GH¢644.00, representing a 329% increase from the previous GH¢150.00.

Expedited Ghanaian passport application price structure

For those needing their passports processed faster, expedited options are available. Previously, the expedited fee for a 32-page booklet was GH¢150.00, while the 48-page option cost GH¢200.00. 

These fees have also been revised. The expedited fee for the 32-page booklet has jumped to GH¢700.00, a significant 466% increase. The 48-page expedited booklet now costs GH¢800.00, reflecting a 300% rise from the earlier price.

Reasons cited for the 2024 Ghana passport application price increase 

  • Revenue Generation: The Ministry claims the increased fees are essential to generate revenue for improving service delivery at passport offices nationwide.
  • Investment in Equipment: Ampratwum-Sarpong asserts the additional revenue will be used to purchase equipment like printers, laminating machines, and capturing machines for biometric data.
  • Reduced Waiting Times: The Ministry believes investing in equipment will streamline passport processing, leading to shorter appointment wait times (currently 6-8 months).

Final thoughts on breakdown of 2024 Ghana passport application price increase 

Before you apply for a Ghanaian passport, be sure to visit the official passport application website to review the latest application structure from pricing to process. TechCabal also has the latest Ghana passport application structure covered here.

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