The good guys at Fairytale Boutique care about you. I mean who else would go out of their way to let you buy the iPhone of your dreams for just N35,000. They said it themselves…

“If you have been dreaming to use an iPhone or iPad, then this is the best solution out there to get what you want at affordable price of N35,000 only within the bonanza time.”

So what’s actually going on here? It turns out that Fairytale has a secret team of hackers and engineers with forked tongues and slits for eyes, who have managed to get the iPhone 6S to run Android 4.5. Why? You ask. Because running iOS is too mainstream. And just to prove how badass they really are, they said they made the Android install look exactly like iOS.

No, seriously, see it for yourself.

iDroid 6S

Like Tola says, “they are called Fairytale boutique after all. And in fairytales, princesses kiss frogs and they turn to princes, so why can’t my frog Android phone get turned into an iPho….”, I’m going to stop you here, Tola. 

Don’t do it.

don't be stupid

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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