I reported not long ago, that Nokia is coming back from the dead as an Android OEM. Microsoft sold the feature phone division to a subsidiary of Foxconn, named FIH Mobile. In the same vein, on the same day, Nokia released a really confusing press release to announce that they’ve given a license to a Finnish company named HMD Global, to create Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets. Obviously, the new generation of Nokia smartphones will run Android.

Over the weekend, I saw a bunch of images on Twitter, with claims that “this is what the Nokia-branded Android smartphone” will look like. When I saw the images, my first thought was that the new phone (if it’s not a hoax) looked a lot like a Blackberry PRIV with the keyboard tucked in. I love it.

I liked (or favourited, depending on whether you’ve updated your Twitter app or not) the tweets, so I’d get to them this morning and write this post, but my network provider tried to stop my greatness. But they are not God – a few minutes ago, I found the images again, on MobilityArena. Here goes nothing.

Nokia Android

Nokia Android

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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