No more “God, when?” 2CanPlay, a geo-location-based dating app which prioritizes meaningful conversation and allows you to relate with people you like more quickly by eliminating the endless wait and prayer hoping that the people you like will reciprocate by liking you back is launching this July.

 While keeping the popular swipe features accessible to most dating apps around the world, 2Canplay will let you message someone you like when you come across their profile.

 Most of us have once used at least one dating app and come across that one profile that we immediately fall in love with. Still, we know the chance of the user coming across our profile or liking back our profile is slim; that is why 2canplay introduced the “insta-message” feature. 

 When you come across a profile on the explore page, if you are interested in a profile, you have the option to send a direct message and also like the profile, unlike other apps that you can only choose to like or dislike a profile.

 But to make sure that people don’t just spam other users, to use the insta-message feature users will have to make use of the in-app currency called “coins” users can either purchase the coins or refer friends and family to earn the free coins.

 2Canplay will ensure greater user security and control by eliminating ghosting conversations and dead-end connections through photo, email and phone number verifications.

 How does 2CanPlay work?

 A new user has to register using his/her existing Facebook profile, or with just a phone number, we will then send a text message with authentication code to the phone number submitted and which the user then enter on the app. Registration takes approximately one minute to complete. We expect a user to fill some required Infos like school, age, hobbies, personality and upload a quality photo. Once all that is done, you are ready to meet people in your area.

Founder forward.

Our mission is to connect singles starting from Nigeria then the rest of Africa and the world. 
We intend to lead the way as an app that will perhaps bring a higher level of security to dating applications while being mostly reflective of the user’s time for efficient matching,” says Adekunle Adeniji.

Now you will be able to meet people around your location and also will have the possibility to like their profile, and if you can’t wait for them to like you back, you can send them a message you using the insta-message feature.

Be part of the beta tester by downloading the app on Andriod: 

Adekunle Adeniji

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