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  • Week 21, 2022
  • Read time: 5 minutes

Hey. Welcome to the premier edition of TC Weekender! 🍾🥂

In this week’s roundup, we’re highlighting CAR plan’s for a crypto-economic hub, Nigeria’s new deal to create a digital marketplace, and a new internet service provider (ISP) coming to Nigeria and Mozambique. 

Have a great weekend.

Kelechi Njoku, Senior Editor, TechCabal.

Editor’s Picks

CAR wants to create a crypto-economic zone

If you’re looking for a crypto-friendly African country, then the Central Republic of Africa (CAR) is the place for you. In its plans for a “crypto economic zone”, everyone will be able to use crypto without paying taxes!

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Uber records 1 billion rides in Africa

Uber has completed 1 billion rides and travelled 10 billion kilometres on the continent. That’s like travelling across the Great Wall of China 476,000 times!

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Nigeria is creating a digital marketplace for IP rights

Forget about NFTs. With the Nigerian government’s latest deal, Nigerian creators will soon be able sell their intellectual property rights to their videos, pictures, and even graphic designs!

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WhatsApp opens its API

WhatsApp’s new tool is redefining “24/7”. It will allow all business owners to create business profiles, and automate messages that keep customers satisfied while freeing up time for business owners.

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Sylndr raises $12.6 million

If you’re looking for trusted used-car dealers in Cairo, you’re in luck! Egypt’s Sylndr has raised $12.6 million to help Egyptians buy quality cars that won’t break down, or break their pockets.

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Johannesburg to spend $20 million on smart city

Johannesburg has smart city ambitions, and it wants invest $20 million to build a city with automated ticketing systems, a healthtech system and even fancy fire detectors.

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MTN South Africa’s raises its prices

MTN subscribers in South Africa are not happy. Why? Well, MTN raised the prices of its data packages by 20% when the service had earlier promised just a 5% hike.

MyBroadBand has the gist

JABU raises $15 million

In this week’s biggest funding announcement, JABU raised $15 million to improve its same-day delivery services in Namibia, and build an electronic wallet.

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OPay partners with Mastercard

OPay announced a partnership with Mastercard that will allow OPay users link their e-wallets to Mastercard’s virtual payment solution. This will allow more users shop on global digital stores.

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Starlink is coming to Nigeria and Mozambique

Elon Musk’s internet service, Starlink, has been approved to provide super fast interent service to rural areas in Nigeria and Mozambique. But can people in rural areas afford Starlink’s expensive $110+/month subscription fees?

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Written by: Ngozi Chukwu

Edited by: Timi Odueso

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