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The transitions and definitions of work systems have significantly evolved over the past few years. Statistics show that the pandemic was an eye-opener for African individuals and organisations. Specifically, the possibilities for tech skill owners to flourish as freelancers rose notably. So, it’s little wonder why freelance platforms are currently prevalent in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

Apart from these freelance platforms allowing Nigerians and Africans to promote and sell their tech skills, most also provide opportunities to earn in foreign currencies like dollars. This feature means freelancers can also beat the constant naira depreciation and ease the effects of inflation. 

If you’re looking to start freelancing or you’re asking, “How can I get a freelancing job in Nigeria?” this article is for you. We have prepared the top 5 freelance websites you can engage. In addition, we’ll also mention the pros and cons of each platform.


jooble freelance website in white and blue with rabit logo

Jooble isn’t a conventional freelance platform accessible in Nigeria. Instead, the website is a global job search engine that indexes openings from over 140,000 online locations, such as online classifieds, company sites, job boards, freelance sites, and social media.

Jooble consolidates the process of seeking freelance jobs. Therefore, it saves you time by eliminating the need to scour different internet job boards and freelancing sites.

Also, you can find freelance work as a Nigerian without signing up for an account on Jooble. Work-from-home jobs you can find via the platform include writing, digital marketing, graphic design, and data input.


  • Easy-to-use job search tools 
  • Email notifications
  • No need for a lengthy registration process


  • No one-stop-shop application: candidates must go to the individual websites of employers to submit their applications


fiverr freelance website in white font on green background hd

Website design, content writing, and graphic design are just some of the many digital jobs clients may outsource through Fiverr.

As a Nigerian freelancer, Fiverr allows you to connect easily with individuals or business owners who need the service you render. 

When a customer enlists your services, their payment method is immediately charged, and the funds are held in escrow pending the delivery. Upon task completion, you’ll receive 80% of the offer price after the system deducts a 20% commission.


  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Proficient customer service
  • No extra costs
  • Tipping system


  • The registration process may be quite stringent
  • You need to bid for jobs to build your profile as a starter


Upwork logo on deep green background with white and light green fonts

Upwork is another freelance platform to earn dollars in Nigeria.  

From content writing and digital marketing to web development and software engineering, Upwork accommodates all.

Users will usually post a task for which freelancers can apply. Alternatively, if your catalogue of options includes prepackaged services, users can simply purchase them directly. 


  • Guaranteed payments
  • Reputable clientele 
  • Cost-effective endeavours


  • Time-consuming registration
  • Too high service fees
  • You pay to bid for a job


Toptal freelance website logo and motto on fine blue background with white fonts

Toptal is another freelance platform that Nigeria and some other African countries can access. It helps businesses find and hire highly skilled freelancers in various fields. 

Toptal is home to a large community of independent contractors, including but not limited to product managers, web designers, writers, financial advisors, and web developers.


  • Work with reputable businesses like Airbnb
  • No hidden charges
  • Interesting UI 
  • Easy payment system


  • High bar for entry
  • Most gigs are big projects logo on white background with white text.

Another website for freelancers in Nigeria to work with individuals and businesses on global assignments is Clients may locate any specialist they need due to the extensive skill sets allowed on the platform.

There are various competitions for creative endeavours besides projects. By participating in such contests, you have the chance to win both financial rewards and positive feedback for your profile.

After finishing a project, you’ll be paid in full. However, for contests and fixed-price projects, the site retains 10% of your overall revenue. Like in most other freelance marketplaces, you may withdraw your earnings via PayPal or wire transfer.


  • Efficient customer service
  • Progress tracker for tasks
  • Opportunity to earn more from contests on the platforms
  • Full payment on bidding projects


  • Phoney customers
  • Clumsy user interface and experience
  • The influx of spam applications

Final Thoughts

In Nigeria, freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and so on are here to stand the test of time. And the fast pace of digitalisation means there’ll be more opportunities for freelancers. Therefore, as long as you have in-demand tech skills, sign up to one of these platforms, do great work, and make more money!

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