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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) mock examination is an optional test designed to prepare candidates for the main examination. The mock exam is usually held a few weeks before the main exam and is meant to give candidates an idea of what to expect in terms of the exam format and questions. This year, the JAMB mock CBT date was first slated for March 16, 2023, but was later postponed due to election considerations, and is now scheduled for March 30, 2023.

Here are 6 things to note about the JAMB mock exam:

1. The JAMB mock exam is not compulsory

The mock exam is optional, and candidates can choose whether or not to take it even if they  paid for it. However, candidates are advised to take the mock exam as it provides an opportunity to practice and familiarise themselves with the exam format, timing, and questions. Also, since it’ll be at your eventual exam centre, it provides you with the opportunity to visit the venue under lesser pressure as opposed to having to locate your centre on the day of your exam. 

It is also a way to identify areas where you as a candidate need to improve before the main exam.

2. The JAMB mock exam fee is non-refundable

Candidates who choose to take the mock exam are required to pay a fee. However, the fee is non-refundable, and candidates are usually asked to be sure they want to take the mock exam before making the payment. The fee is usually lower than the main exam fee and is intended to cover the cost of conducting the mock exam. It’s pegged around ₦1000.

3. The JAMB mock exam questions may not be the same as the main exam

While the JAMB CBT mock exam is designed to give candidates an idea of what to expect in the main exam, the questions in the mock exam may not be the same as the ones in the main exam. Therefore, candidates should not assume that they will see the same questions in the main exam. 

However, the mock exam questions will be based on the JAMB syllabus, and candidates should use it as an opportunity to practice and improve their success chances.

4. The JAMB mock exam is timed

The mock exam is timed, and candidates will have the same amount of time to complete it as they will in the main exam. Therefore, candidates should use the mock exam as an opportunity to practice their time management skills. They should try to complete each section of the exam within the allotted time and ensure that they do not spend too much time on one question.

5. The JAMB mock exam result does not affect the main exam

The mock exam result is not used to determine the candidate’s score in the main exam. Therefore, candidates should not be overly concerned or confident with their bad or good performance in the mock exam. However, they should use the mock exam result as an opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses. And they should work on improving their weaknesses before the main exam.

6. No gadgets are allowed during the mock exam.

Although it doesn’t count if you pass or fail the mock exam, it’s still treated like it’s the real examination. You’ll be supervised, and prohibited from using any smart devices such as smartphones, smart watches, tabs, iPods, and the like. 

Therefore, if possible, leave your gadgets at home, or have someone go with you to the centre to hold them for you while you take your mock exams. 

Final thoughts

The JAMB mock exam is a valuable tool for candidates preparing for the main exam. Do not forget to take the printout that has your JAMB registration number on it along for the mock exam. The results will be released some days after you write the exam. The main JAMB exams for 2023 will commence on Saturday 29th April 2023  and end on Monday 12th May 2023.

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