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Registering a birth and obtaining an official attestation is crucial for Nigerian citizens, especially for people looking to correct NIN details like date of birth and the like. Thankfully, the National Population Commission (NPC) offers a convenient online portal to complete the process. This guide walks you through the requirements and steps on how to use the NPC website to get your birth attestation/registration done.

Before you begin the process of getting your NPC birth attestation

You need to consider some birth attestation requirements, and they are as follows:

1. Self-service convenience fee

You’ll be charged a processing fee of ₦3,000 only. This fee covers the online application process.

2. Age Requirement

Birth attestation on the NPC website is only available for adults aged 17 and above.

3. National Identification Number (NIN)

Having a valid NIN will significantly expedite the processing of your birth certificate. While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended.

4. Temporary Birth ID

Applicants without a NIN will receive a temporary Birth ID upon successful application. The official birth certificate will require further processing.

5. Court Affidavit

You’ll need a Court Affidavit sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths. It is mandatory for your application.

6. Valid Phone Number

Ensure you provide a valid and active phone number during registration. The NPC will use this number for communication throughout the process.

7. NPC birth attestation online

To initiate the process, visit the National Population Commission website and navigate to the birth attestation section. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

8. Registration Location

While registering online, indicate your current state of residence and Local Government Area (LGA). This helps identify the closest NPC registration centre for potential future needs.

9. Application Status and Download

You can check the status of your application using the provided payment reference number. Once your birth certificate is ready for download, log in to your NPC account and navigate to the “Download Certificate” section.

10. Payment Non-refundable

Please note that all application fees are non-refundable.

11. Certificate Download Limit

You can only download your official birth certificate once after a successful application.

12. Certificate Reprint

If you require a reprint of your birth certificate in the future, you can revisit the NPC website and access the dedicated reprint service.

Steps to getting your birth attestation from NPC

Here are the steps to take for your attestation certificate on the NPC portal online:

1. Payment for the NPC birth attestation service

Visit the NPC website and navigate to the “Services” section and choose “Birth Attestation.” Click agree below the page and proceed to enter your email address in the provided space and make the online payment of NGN3,000 using the provided secure payment gateway. You’ll receive a confirmation and reference number via email.

2. Registration

Once payment is confirmed, proceed to fill out the online registration form. This includes applicant details, parent/guardian information, hospital/clinic details, and document uploads as mentioned previously.

3. Review and submit

Carefully review all information and uploads for accuracy. Submit the application after confirmation.

4. Tracking and download your NPC birth attestation certificate

Use the reference number to track your application status. Upon completion, you’ll be notified and can download your official birth attestation from your NPC account.

Final thoughts on how to get your Nigeria birth attestation easily on the NPC portal 2024

Please ensure a stable internet connection throughout the process. Also, use high-quality scans of documents for clear upload. Alongside, please keep a copy of the reference number for future reference. If you encounter any difficulties, consider reaching out to the NPC through their contact information available on the website.

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