Infinix Mobility has made a name for itself in Africa and globally by offering a portfolio of budget-friendly devices with cutting-edge technology, design, and performance. The company recently launched the Infinix GT 20 Pro as part of the Infinix GT VERSE, dedicated to redefining esports experiences for users.

The esports arena is expanding in Africa, and more youth are tapping into mobile gaming. The Infinix GT VERSE, where the Infinix GT 20 Pro belongs, is designed to connect to this growing tech-savvy youth population and cater to their needs. Through its performance, the Infinix GT 20 Pro is an ultimate mobile gaming device designed to bring maximum pleasure to esports lovers.

In the box
– 45W wired fast charger

– Wired headphones

– Infinix GT 20 Pro phone and phone case

– Infinix gift card
– Dimensions: 64.26mm x 75.43mm x 8.15mm
– Weight: 194g
– Colours: Mecha Blue/Mecha Orange/Mecha Silver
– Battery: 5000mAh (45W charging capacity)
– Dual nano sim card slots
– 108MP-OIS rear camera and 32MP selfie camera
– 256GB ROM/12GB RAM


The Infinix GT 20 pro is a compact 6.78-inch rectangular device with a sci-fi-looking “Mecha Loop LED Interface”. This mecha interface is the first thing I liked about this device; it elevates the phone’s look. This mecha interface houses a rectangular camera slot with three lenses and a c-shaped LED curve, making the device seem futuristic the first time you see it. The LED loop can be customised to display different lighting effects for notifications, calls, gaming and more. This unique and eye-catching design Infinix has created makes this phone stand out wherever you are. This loop can also indicate your battery level, going green, red or orange depending on the battery life.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro


The Infinix GT 20 Pro has a bezel-less 94.3% screen-to-body ratio, giving users an expansive viewing screen. Users will feel the value of this screen size while watching videos because this bezel-less screen gives you more room to view images/videos with no black edges obstructing the screen. This device also has a 144Hz FHD+ and AMOLED screen. Users get stunning visuals from this display with peak clarity outdoors owing to the 1300nits peak brightness. Even at midday, when the sun was high, I could use this device under the sun without squinting or putting this phone closer to my face just to see the screen. The 2304Hz PWM dimming also reduces eye fatigue even when using this device for hours. This incredible display and the JBL speakers made gaming an immersive and thrilling experience.

Software and Performance

The Infinix GT 20 Pro runs on XOS 14 based on Android 14 with less bloatware and pre-installed apps. Pre-installed apps clogging up one’s phone memory can be pretty upsetting because it feels like forced advertising. I enjoyed not having to uninstall apps, making the device feel more personal.  Infinix has promised two major Android upgrades and three-year security patch updates on this device, which means users can look forward to improvements in the future.

A key feature of this device is its dual-chip system: the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate 4nm 5G Processor and the Pixelworks X5 Turbo dedicated gaming display chip (created in partnership with Pixelworks). The MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chip and up to 12GB of RAM provide power for even the most demanding games. While the dedicated gaming display chip uses motion estimation, motion compensation (memc) game frame interpolation to boost the frame rates of games. This intelligent chip predicts and inserts new frames between existing ones, taking the gaming experience from a silky smooth 60FPS to an unbelievably fluid 120FPS. It can even surpass the game’s original frame rate, unlocking a whole new level of visual smoothness without draining the battery. It also has a 360Hz touch sampling rate, making the navigation experience smooth. 

Infinix has designed a unique esports mode in this device which creates zero disruption during gaming for esports players. This device truly shines when used for gaming. For its size, the Infinix GT 20 Pro feels quite bulky when used for regular phone functions like making a call, but as a gaming device, it feels sturdy and comfortable to play games with. The smooth visuals, phone design, and functions, such as turning on esports mode, made playing games like Call of Duty a deeply entrancing experience. Professional esports players will find this phone very effective for gameplay with zero disturbance during competitions.


The Infinix GT 20 Pro has a 5000mAh battery that lasts up to 24 hours with regular usage. Using the 45W charger with it will take this device from 0-100 in about an hour. This charging speed can be greatly improved, and some previous Infinix devices have better charging speeds. Using Infinix’s first adaptive game technology, the Infinix GT 20 Pro uses less battery power and delivers better power efficiency in high frame-rate gaming. This means that one hour of gaming will use up not more than 30% of the battery, and this device will also not get hot. Compared to other devices in the same price range, the Infinix GT 20 Pro has a longer-lasting battery life. This device also has different charging modes to protect your device and maintain efficiency. By turning on bypass charging, you can switch from powering your battery to powering the motherboard directly, preventing overheating and lagging during gameplay. This device warmed up when I ran it in esports mode for some hours, but there was no lag. It is best to turn on bypass charging in modes such as esports to prevent overheating.


The Infinix GT 20 Pro comes with a 108MP OIS triple rear camera and a 32MP selfie camera. The rear camera takes good photos both outdoors and in low-light conditions, but it works better in bright-light conditions. The 108MP OIS triple rear camera captures detail brilliantly and produces vivid images, but a little editing might be required afterwards to tone down the exposure in the images. The 32MP selfie camera works great for video calls and selfies, but relying on the rear camera for photo needs is better.

Verdict: The strength of this device is its gaming features. Users will get a flawless gaming experience with crisp visuals and zero lag. The selfie camera leaves much to be desired, but the rear camera produces crisp and clear images in all conditions. The  Infinix GT 20 Pro also leaves ample room for personalisation; everything from the phone themes to storage usage can be customised to fit personal needs. If you are a regular gamer looking to upgrade your play, the Infinix GT VERSE has something for you. 

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