Last year, we released “The State of Health Tech in Nigeria“, a deeply researched report that examined general health indicators and challenges, and then dived into the health tech industry.

The report profiled 75 innovative startups working to find technology solutions to Nigeria’s health-related problems.

For the first time, we are making part of our dataset publicly available for free.

This dataset will contain telemedicine, health logistics and public health startups (29 in all) and will be available for everyone looking to work with them or investors/NGOs interested in funding them to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that telemedicine startups like Wellvis, SwiftCheckup & Oncopadi hold the promise to meet some health needs while people are on lockdown.

For their part, health logistics startups, including LifeBank and RedBank, will take essential life-saving materials to where people need them. Public health startups including EpidAlert could contribute to preventing the spread of the virus.

We directly contacted all the active startups listed in the report to verify their funding information and other key details about them, including sub-sector focus and the key problems they aim to solve. Here is a link to the free dataset.

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