Globally, currencies sometimes experience value fluctuation. However, due to severe economic issues, Nigeria’s naira has incessantly experienced more critical depreciation than subtle fluctuations. This consistent devaluation makes it frustrating to save in naira. Because while you work so hard, you may have to watch your “savings” deplete without spending it. Therefore, it’s understandable for you to seek ways to save in dollars in Nigeria. 

One of the widely recognised legal tenders is the US dollar. The currency is arguably solid and stable compared to any African money. Therefore, conserving the value of your earnings with US dollars is an excellent idea, considering the bleak possibility of the naira levelling up anytime soon. 

Saving in dollars with Nigerian banks is possible via a domiciliary account. However, the bureaucracies of opening this account and the expense of maintenance may stress you out. Meanwhile, no Nigerian bank currently exchanges dollars for naira. Therefore,  this  clause leaves you to source dollars from the unregulated “black market”, which can be draining.

Therefore, the alternative to help you save in dollars in Nigeria is using fintech apps. In subsequent parts of this piece, we’ll highlight fintech apps that allow you to save naira in dollars. Additionally, we’ll pinpoint the pros and cons of using each app.

Fintech apps to save in dollars in Nigeria

Any fintech app that allows users to save in dollars may require you first download the app from the Google Play Store. Afterwards, you’re to provide accurate information during registration, add money to your wallet, and then convert your wallet’s currency to dollars. 

Thankfully, you can complete all of these without leaving your home. These fintech dollar-saving apps are enumerated below.


piggyvest to save in dollars on white background

Piggyvest is a popular Nigerian online investing and savings website. It’s a mobile savings app that supports US dollars and Nigerian naira. If you want to save in dollars, you’ll need to open a piggy flex account in Nigerian naira and transfer the funds there. 

In addition, your dollar savings can earn up to 7% interest yearly with Piggyvest. If you’re interested in opening a Piggyvest account, download their app or visit their website. Then fill out the form completely, including your BVN.


  • Beautiful UI and UX
  • Competitive annual interest rate of up to 15% in naira and 7% in USD
  • Simple wire transfer of dollars to your domiciliary bank account
  • Platform for financial gain


  • Charges a whopping $20 to transfer to a domiciliary account
  • Sometimes, USD isn’t available for purchase

Bundle Africa

Bundle app logo on dark background to save in dollars in Nigeria

This platform is a crypto wallet. Bundle Africa accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies for purchases, including BUSD, a stablecoin pegged to USD. And regardless of the amount you save, you can earn a 6% interest yearly.


  • Interest rates of up to 6% per year
  • Fast and safe financing thanks to their P2P money transfer system
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t allow for early withdrawal outside payment date


Cowrywise app logo in white text blue background

This app is similar to Piggyvest, considering their offerings. You may use Cowrywise to budget, save, and invest your hard-earned cash in dollars. However, the interest rate here isn’t fixed. 


  • Allows you to save consistently
  • For Muslims, it allows Halal savings, a savings plan that doesn’t offer interest
  • Free consultation services
  • Easy and quick use


  • The interest rate is not fixed.


Muna fintech app to save in dollar logo

Currently, Muna lists as one of Nigeria’s best apps for saving naira in dollar-related cryptocurrencies. In addition, the app gives you compounding interest of up to 15% every year.

The Muna app is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide variety of stable currencies. You can always count on the value of one USDN to be the same as one USD. This stance means Muna users may use USDN to save US dollars. 


  • To store value in various cryptocurrency coin types
  • 15% yearly interest rate.  
  • Provides 4 locked savings plans and a flexible one
  • Protection from naira depreciation


  • Every withdrawal from locked plans attracts a 3% fee.

Binance Exchange

Binance logo in black text on hd yellow background to save in dollars

Binance is a major cryptocurrency trading platform that goes beyond the typical definition of an exchange. The platform is useful for storing various coins.

You may pick from various US Dollar proportional coins to use in your savings.

Some of the USD coins you may store on Binance include USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

Despite the lack of a direct deposit option, Nigerians may simply fill their Binance accounts by connecting with other Nigerians interested in selling and buying, using Binance’s safe P2P trading method.

You may pick from various traders, but adhering to Binance’s P2P guidelines for your financial security is essential.


  • Save your naira from devaluation


  • The registration process can be challenging as you have to take gestured pictures at some point
  • You can’t purchase the coins directly from Binance

Final Thoughts

These are the top fintech apps that allow you to save in dollars in Nigeria.  Additionally, they offer you a fantastic and simple chance to improve your financial situation. Therefore, it’s on you to figure out which works best for you. 

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