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Pro-Creation Hubs
May 14, 2013

I work out of the Co-Creation Hub. I’ve done so since October last year, and by this time I know to come in early. Because if I came in anytime past noon, my favourite spot would probably be taken already. And it might be a bit hard to find a place to plug my laptop […]

Jason Njoku Versus Lordbanks, Uncensored [Audio]
May 13, 2013

While he’s no Dave McClure, Jason Njoku is quite prolific with the F and S words. Five minutes into our tete a tete at the Brazzerie during MWWA, I could swear the air around the lunch table where I was seated across him had turned blue.

Lordbanks Weekly – Investorama
May 11, 2013

Between two days at Mobile Web West Africa and a quick working trip to Abuja, this week was a blur…I didn’t get to read much until today, I must confess. But there’s still a few hours to go before the week is officially up, so at least it isn’t yet “Lordbanks, Last Week”.

This Is Not Rocket – Bastian And Jason Explain SPARK [Audio]
Audio, Events
May 11, 2013

If I might creatively paraphrase Jason, Spark is a giant middle finger to all them risk agnostic VCs and competition-hopping angel investors that never write cheques.

Good Cop, Bad Cop? Bastian And Jason
Audio, Events
May 10, 2013

I talked to Jason and Bastian of iROKO Partners, and of course now the really noisy, sparky SPARK…what’s it with these guys and capital letters?

MWWA 2013 Conversations – What Is A Smartphone? [Audio]
May 8, 2013

It was lunch time on the first day of Mobile Web West Africa 2013, and I got into this interesting conversation about what a smartphone really is and how it’s different from a feature phone, with Robert Lamptey (CEO and co-founder, Saya Mobile) and Jeremy George (VP Africa, BiNu). Both their companies make feature-phone focused […]

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