Boston based startup, Spritz, is on a serious mission to change the way people read and communicate forever. They assembled a team of experts in reading methodology to develop an app that reimagines the way we read. According to these guys, the way we’ve been reading – moving from word to word and line to line –  is […]

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20th February 2014

Adugbo is a digital platform that enables the contextually relevant discovery and promotion of products/services offered by local merchants/small businesses. Via a suite of web/mobile apps offering specific location-based services, Adugbo aims to collectively serve as the “digital interface to your city”. An estimated 25% (of the 105 million Nigerian mobile users) own a smartphone […]

While you slept, Facebook dropped $19 billion for WhatsApp. A spectacular milestone for Jan Koum, Brian Acton & the remarkable @WhatsApp team. We couldn’t be more proud — jim goetz (@jimgoetz) February 19, 2014   Five things to note – 1. 19 billion is a lot of money Just how much is it though? […]

In case you didn’t already get the update notification, BBM 2.0 is finally here for Android and iOS. This new updates brings with, among other features, support for BBM Voice and BBM Channels on Android and iPhone. Voice and Channels  were previously exclusive to BBM on Blackberry devices. BBM Voice allows you make calls to […]

If the name didn’t already give it away for you, Konjy is a sex life app. Or in the words of Konjy Co-founder, Century E. Favour, a “reproductive health app” that promises to redefine your sex life. “KONJY is not a sex app. Nor is it a pornographic app. It is a reproductive health app that is […]

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