It’s the festive season and you may choose to travel to your hometown for the holidays. However, there are things you need to consider before traveling so you don’t get stuck, especially with using your phone this holiday. 

Get a charger with universal adapters

These days, phones that come with chargers tend to have more complicated adapters. Therefore, you may not be able to use them just anywhere if you don’t have an extension box at hand. See an example in picture below.

Don't get stuck using your phone this holiday chargers
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So, if you’ll be traveling to your village or somewhere else during this holiday season, you should endeavour to get any of the following types of charger adapters to enjoy using your phone. 

Adapter Choice 1

using your phone this holiday

Adapter Choice 2

using your phone this holiday

The second choice is especially great if you have multiple devices to charge. So you can simply plug in your USB cord for each device. In most places you’ll travel to in Africa, as long as there’s electricity connection, you’ll hardly have difficulty finding sockets with the above charger inputs.

Get a power bank

Power banks have become quite popular among smartphone users. They help ensure you don’t need to plug your phone to a socket everytime you need to charge. You can charge your phone on the go. Brands like Oraimo make power banks as powerful as those with 40,000 mAh output.

In towns or villages you may be traveling to, you may not be able to tell the frequency of their power supply. And if you’re someone who needs to keep tabs with the internet or work with your phone, you need to find a way to keep it on despite the epileptic power supply. 

Therefore, to enjoy using your phone during this holiday, ensure you get a power bank before traveling.

Get a small phone

Most people nowadays only use smartphones. The need for smaller phones is almost nonexistent. People who have two or more phones most of the time are using all-smartphones. However, you may want to get a small phone if you’re traveling to a place where the network may be terrible or fluctuating. 

By small phone, we mean “feature phones” that don’t browse and are typical of the analogue days. The best feature they may have is a radio connection. Such phones include the Nokia 105 DUAL SIM. 

With this sort of phone, regardless of how terrible your network may be, it’ll provide you a decent network to make and receive calls or send SMS. 

So, to avoid getting cut off from the network while using your smartphone, ensure you get a smaller phone to remain connected during this holiday. 

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