My Life in Tech

My Life In Tech is telling the stories of Africans making a difference in the world of tech. During our conversation, Excel Joab tells me that one of his favourite songs is Go Solo by Tom Rosenthal. He first heard the song in a DSTV ad. This, the opportunity to be discovered by new audiences […]

My Life In Tech is putting human faces to some of the innovative startups, investments, and policy formations driving the technology sector across Africa. I discovered Shecluded while I was doing some research for TechCabal’s IWD special edition newsletter. I wanted to feature newer faces and voices. I was looking for African women who were quietly […]

Of the many laughs we had during the call, the most memorable came when I asked her what she would normally do to unwind after a long day at work. “Netflix,” she said and we both cackled for what felt like a while. There’ll be no escaping that big red N in the days to come. But before Netflix, there was Uber, Etisalat, some DJing here, some scuba diving there. Her name is Ebi Atawodi and this is her life in tech.

While you may have only ever heard of a Chief of Staff in the context of elected officials in government, Tsakane Ngoepe offers a fresh perspective to the role.
She is Chief of Staff to M-KOPA’s CEO, she loves the world of investing – and Fortnite.
This is her life in tech.

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